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Overview Training sessions 25 & 26th of august BJJNinja`s Camp Norg

What will the instructors be teaching at the upcoming Gi and No-Gi camp on 25 and 26th of August? Here`s a little insight on what the instructors will be teaching during the weekend. So what are you waiting for, come experience high level Jiu Jitsu Camps and Seminars, with a fun and open atmosphere for all people to study, learn and share this beautiful Gentle Art.

Ezra Trotter

Ezra Trotter

Gi Sessions

  • ‘The recipe to training for success and enjoyment’ will by my first class
  • The other 2 gi classes will be “single leg the master sweep” and “top control with no control: learning to be one step ahead”

No-Gi Sessions

  • will be “the wrestling mystery explained”


Henk Heneweer

Henk Heneweer / Team Kaishin Almere

Gi Session / 26th of August 

  • Concepts about transitions of various submissions and positions in different situations
  • For example from Guard Pass (Leg Leg Drag), to Arm Traingle – opponent defended – through to Eziekel Choke – is defended again – back to Arm Traingle or back position


Arnoud Terpstra

Arnoud Terpstra / head coach at GFA Academy Leeuwarden

No-Gi session 25th of August

  • Arm in chokes (guillotine, d’arce en anaconda)
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