If you are interested in helping out or if you have any good idea`s, or tips for our camps, events or seminars feel free to contact us.

Machiel Gabor Welbergen

Owner at F1T and organiser of the BJJNinja Events

Samo Iskandarani-Alexandarijn

Volunteer: Helps with various things on camps and seminars.

Samo BJJ prevention & massage / Muay Thai kru / 4 dan WAKO / 2 Dan kykoshin / 1dan okinawa goju / 1dan Full contact / Purple belt GB Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Micha Busch

Entrepreneur in
E-commerce and combat sports
24/7 Fightgear

BJJ Fightgear

BJJFightgear is our 100% partners at all our events. They also sponsor us and help us on promotional activities for our events. We are very happy and grateful to team up with them.