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9 December BJJ Trainingday / Location “to be announced”


“Location to be announced”

“Judo for BJJ & BJJ for Judo” / 1 DAY of intense training with Lunch & Dinner

Our next training event is going to be at 9 december, we are still looking for a location. With a maximum of 60 people for the event.

We will have 2 sessions and openmat.Judo trainingsessions for BJJ and  BJJ sessions for Judo.  be tween each class their will openmat time and relaxing time.

Half way during the day we will have a nice healthy big lunch together (walk in buffet) where you can get to know eachother a little bit better, and recover and enjoy some good healthy food and drinks.

It will be a day packed with lots of training.

So what are you waiting for, come experience high level Jiu Jitsu Camps and Seminars, with a fun and open atmosphere for all people to study, learn and share this beautiful Gentle Art.


  • Henk Heneweer (Team Kaishin head coach)

  • Ezra Trotter

  • More to be confirmed

INCLUDED & NOT INCLUDED for this event

Included for this event:We organise camps, trainingweekends and Seminars with a variety of partners mostly in the North of the Netherlands. This is because we most of our network is from around here. We maybe will try co-working with different partners in the near future, but for now the camps are situated mainly in provinces Groningen and Drenthe.

  • A healthy big lunch.

  • First 25 sign-ups will get a cool free t-shirt woth €17,50 euro.

Not included:

  • The dinner you have to pay for yourself.


  • more soon..


The complete program for this day wil be published in the last week of november. You can than download it and it will also be send to all particpants by e-mail.


to be announced

If you have any questions, you can e-mail us at info@bjjninjas.nl

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