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BJJNinja`s Shop online at BJJFightgear.com

BJJNinja`s Shop online

You can now order our BJJNinja`s products online at BJJ Fightgear

T-Shirts Waraji (草鞋) & Regular shirt & Patches

You can now order our products directly online at BJJ Fightgear You can order our T-Shirts Waraji (草鞋) & Regular shirt and Patches.

How to order?

BJJNinja`s products at BJJFightgear.comJust click this link and you will see all of our current products that we sell on BJJFightgear.com their webshop.  They take care of our packaiginn and shipping on all our orders worldwide. If you have any questions you can contact them. 

To determine the right size, have a look at the tab SIZE CHART on the product page. Not sure about your size or maybe you would like some personal advice? Send us an email at info@bjjfightgear.com or call us at +31 (0) 50 210 3587.

More infoBJJNinja`s products at BJJFightgear.com

If you have any tips or suggestions on future products please feel free to e-mail us at info@bjjninjas.nl For any ordering related issues please contact  info@bjjfightgear.com or call them at +31 (0) 50 210 3587.


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